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Cabo Verde Project

Since the beginning of 2008 I am involved in a very challenging project on the Cape Vert islands. With the help of many cape verdean musicians I am in the process of collecting and describing all the traditional rhythms of the islands by means of recordings, transcriptions and documentary movies. This has never been done before and there is no time to waste because many of the traditional drummers are far beyond 70 years of age. The unique culture of these islands deserves it to be preserved.

Here are some examples of traditional music forms of Cape Vert:


Gruppe Terrero Batuco

Gruppe Terrero Batuco

Batucadeiras Terraros dos Orgãos at the Quintal da Música, Praia (Santiago)

recorded 14. Mai 2008 at the Quintal da Música
Download Batuko MP3-Datei (1.108 kB)


Tabanco Tambor Tabanca Buzios

Tabanka de Varzéa from Praia, Santiago.

recorded 22.Oktober 2008 at Varzea
Download Tabanka MP3-Datei (934 kB)


Code di Dona und Lucio Ferrinho

Codé di Dona and his son Lucio

recorded 21. Oktober 2008 in Codé di Dona`s living room
Download Funaná MP3-Datei (937 kB)

Valdomiro DiasTambor

Valdomiro Dias, primeiro tamboreiro da Ilha do Fogo ,

recorded 11. Oktober 2008 in Valdomiro`s house.
Download Toque de Pilão MP3-Datei (569 kB)
Download Braga Maria MP3-Datei (760 kB)
Download Brial de Preto MP3-Datei (1.210 kB)
Download Brial dos Cavaleiros MP3-Datei (1.109 kB)

Markus Leukel, Emerson Araujo, Michel Montrond

recorded 18.Oktober 2008 at the Casa Branca, São Filipe
Download Djarfogo MP3-Datei (1.345 kB)
Download Era um sonho MP3-Datei (1.575 kB)
Download Pasadinha MP3-Datei (1.374 kB)
Download Nha vida MP3-Datei (1.487 kB)