Since 2006, I have an endorsement for Mapex und Sabian. The support from the german distributor M&T is outstanding and the instruments are fantastic. I have three different drumsets, two of the saturn series and one M-birch. A saturn set with the konfiguration 20, 10, 12,14, I play in the studio. A smaller set with an 18" bassdrum, 8" and 13" tom is in my rehearsel room. The M-birch is used for touring.

I have a pool of Sabian cymbals where I can choose from. Normally, I use one ride, two crashes and a hi-hat.

13" Evolution Hats
13" Hi-Hat Manhattan Jazz line
18" Evolution Crash
18" Legacy Crash
18" Crash Manhattan Jazz line
21" HH Raw Bell Ride
20" HHX Manhattan Jazz Ride
20" Evolution Ride
10" Legacy Splash (als Stagg)

During the work on my new book "Ritmos do Brasil", I started a collaboration with meinl. Most of the samples on the CD where recorded with meinl percussion instruments. Besides lots of smallpercussions, Borel and I used a

12" Repinique

12" Caixa

18" Surdo


10" Pandeiro and

Congas from the Marathon Series