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Ritmos do Brasil

My book "Ritmos do Brasil" is bilingual (german/english). I have written the book in close collaboration with Borel de Sousa, a percussionist from Salvador da Bahia, who is deeply rooted in the Candomblé -tradition and the Capoeira. He has played in the famous sambaschool "Acadêmicos do Salgueiro" in Rio de Janeiro and lives now as a professional musician in Munich.

Our book is a thorough analysis of the most important brazilian styles. Each style is presented first on the traditional percussion instruments and then we show different ways of playing the rhythms on the drumset. Furthermore, it gives plenty of information about the historical and social background of the rhythms.

The book closes with percussion- and drumset-transcriptions of modern brazilian music productions. From all the books, I know about brazilian rhythms, our book is the most comprehensive.

The book has been published by artist-ahead (November 2007).

It can be ordered by


ISBN 978-3-936807-93-6


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